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> Hello,
> I freshly subscribed this list after reading that dietlibc seems to be
> unmaintained.
> (
> )
> What's the current status of dietlibc in Fedora and how can it be checked?
> Last built was done by Jon Ciesla on 2013-03-27.
> Unmaintained how?  Speaking as the current maintainer, my plans have been
to migrate any packages using it to glibc, but the keep dietlibc in the
distro for developer use.  I believe I've got that largely finished.  Is
there something you'd like to see done?


> On Sun Mar 3 03:21:06 UTC 2013, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> > We agree then. But if we want to keep dietlibc, it needs to be fixed to
> > comply with the packaging guidelines and best practices, i.e.:
> > * Shared library build needs to be enabled. I see no reason to build this
> > library as static only as Enrico is doing. We tolerate this where
> upstream
> > does not support shared builds at all, but this is not the case here.
> > * The main package should contain the shared library (and the
> documentation
> > that's relevant at runtime, in particular COPYING) only. Right now it
> > contains some stuff which probably belongs into -devel.
> > * The main package must not require -devel as it does now.
> > * The -devel package should not contain the static library, which should
> > instead be in a -static subpackage.
> > * The -lib package (which is currently not built by default, it contains
> the
> > shared library if you enable shared build) should simply be the main
> > package. It doesn't make sense to have a -lib subpackage of a library.
> > * The -header subpackage should really be called -headers (There's more
> than
> > one header! And it'd also be consistent with glibc.) or folded into
> -devel
> > (though then it can't be noarch anymore).
> If you are actually looking for a maintainer and the policies/rules are
> not too difficult then I would do this job (before you throw dietlibc out
> of Fedora). :-)
> best regards
> Frank
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