Mission Impossible #1: qt without gtk

Eugene Pivnev ti.eugene at gmail.com
Mon May 13 08:23:50 UTC 2013

13.05.2013 02:31, Todd Zullinger:
> Eugene Pivnev wrote:
>> 11.05.2013 23:22, Adam Williamson:
>>>> qgit -> git -> libgnome_keyring 
>>> ...like this one, for instance. libgnome-keyring's dependencies are 
>>> pretty modest:
>> As I found in git.spec - git's gnome-keyring suff is optional. Is it 
>> possible to move them into separate package (for gnome users)?
> This doesn't sound too unreasonable at first (and wasn't hard to do; I 
> tested it locally).
> I am not convinced that it's worth the effort, though.  All the 
> dependencies of libgnome-keyring are included in the minimal install.  
> So what would be the gain?  (Splitting the package only to avoid 
> pulling in something with gnome in the name isn't enough. ;)
> The cost would be causing users who want to use the git gnome 
> credential helper to install an additional package.
> If this wasn't already in place, I'd probably be more inclined to add 
> it as a subpackage from the start.  But now that it's included, I'm 
> not as sure that the costs are outweighed by any benefits.
> I could be completely wrong, of course.
The problem is that Fedora is too Gnome distro.
And instead of as Gnome/GTK spin builder as non-G* ones have clean 
system and add required packages - G* users are happy but non-G* must to 
pick out gtk/gnome from _clean_ system.
My aim is to create pure Qt4 spin (similar to pure KDE one).
As you can see - this task is not trivial. In contrast with pure GTK or 
But - no pasaran!

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