[pkgdb2] call for testers, bug reports and RFE

Miro Hrončok mhroncok at redhat.com
Sat Nov 16 13:10:04 UTC 2013

Dne 16.11.2013 02:47, Kevin Kofler napsal(a):
> But this is NOT an UPSTREAM project, it is a project developed specifically
> for Fedora by Fedora people. I see no valid reason whatsoever this is being
> developed on third-party infrastructure. Of course, we cannot force the
> whole distro to be developed on fedorahosted (not even Ubuntu can do that
> with Launchpad), but for our custom infrastructure code, it would make
> everyone's lives easier.

I am not developer of pkgdb2 but if I would, I would also choose github 
over fedorahosted.

The reason is simple. Fedorahosted lacks features, is unplesant and need 
byrocracy even to create a repository. I've already discussed that on 
devel long time ago and I was told that we do not want to make 
fedorahosted more like github -- most of you didn't even care. But 
unless we do, don't except the developers to use it if it's such a pain 
compared to github.


 From the ideological and polictal side, of course: Using github over 
fedorahosted is bad. From the practival part it's oposite.

I admire any Fedora dev who cooses fedorahosted, I really do. It's very 
nice of them. But please do not insist on it, while we lacks the level 
of user experience that github has. We aren't even close.

Miro Hrončok
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