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Przemek Klosowski przemek.klosowski at nist.gov
Thu Sep 5 20:04:00 UTC 2013

On 09/05/2013 02:52 PM, Reindl Harald wrote:
> so, no whatever macro is repsonsible for this exactly at the release 
> with a non well thought release name this happens -why in the world 
> does Fedora again and agin make decisions which are *not* tested and 
> months before release the impact is known are *not* reverted? *do not 
> touch my hand-made grub-configuration due kernel-updates* except teh 
> path to the kernel and initrd which works since many years - *nobody* 
> needs release names at all and and least nobody needs inisting in show 
> them at the first output at boot in a broken way 
There seem to be two separate issues here---correct me if I am wrong. 
Issue 1) is whether the boot message should show Fedora release 
numbers---it could be argued either way but in any case isn't a big deal 
IMHO.  Issue 2) is a conflict with your 'hand-made grub-configuration'. 
This could not have been tested by anyone else but you, then?

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