Get FAS account authentication facility for my Web page

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Fri Sep 13 15:04:10 UTC 2013

On Sep 13, 2013 6:56 AM, "Sarup Banskota" <sbanskota08 at> wrote:
>>> > > I am a student who is participating GSOC 2013 for Fedora
organization. I
>>> > > am developing a web application for fedora ambassadors. I want to
>>> > > users to login facility with FAS. I could found that the FAS is
>>> > > OpenID facility. How can I implement a login with FAS in my web
>>> > > Could you give me a direction
> Hi Malintha,
> I'm doing a GSoC this year too, and although it uses Ruby on Rails,
building a web application for designers. I had added FAS-OpenID support to
the application, and had blogged about that here[1]. I'm not sure how much
it would be of use to you, but you might want to take a look at it too :)
> [1]-
Yeah, openid is the way to go for now.  The WordPress auth module is from
before we had reliable openid and the ability to check your groups from
openid.  (That is available via an extension to openid now).

But to pause for one moment - do either of these apps have a goal of
running on fedora infrastructure?  If so you should know that all of our
own apps that we have to do maintenance on are written in python with a
distinct preference for the flask and pyramid web frameworks.  We run some
third party apps, well maintained upstream, written in php.  And we do not
run any java or ruby apps (the latter we might be able to start using under
similar rules to our third party php apps once we get rid of puppet
(migration to ansible is happening but slowly)).  No idea what it would
take for us to run java apps.

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