Patches for trivial bugs sitting in bugzilla -> trivial patch policy?

Olav Vitters olav at
Fri Jun 27 09:58:22 UTC 2014

On Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 03:27:21PM -0500, Mukundan Ragavan wrote:
> Isn't it best for the project as a whole to have the bar for proven
> packager high? :)

I think it is detrimental. If someone has loads of time to do bugfixes
across packages, let them. I do loads and loads of trivial bugfixes (not
in Fedora). Stuff like cleaning spec files of old things. Changing
"http" into "https". Updating the URLs. Very trivial. The knowledge
required to do such things is trivial, the work usually is mundane.

What you need is to notice when someone is doing more that they can
handle and educate them (this is different than taking permissions away

High bar to me just means either things don't get done, or existing
people get overworked. Any project always needs new blood, they're going
to make mistakes. Possibility of mistakes shouldn't be used to block new
people IMO.

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