PROPOSAL: Make AppData files mandatory for applications shown in the software center

Alexander Ploumistos alex.ploumistos at
Thu Nov 6 19:25:09 UTC 2014

So, should we contact upstream about the appdata file requirement and if
that doesn't work out make our own and send it to the package maintainer?
Where should the screenshots go?

I also agree with the proposal (even though this is the first time I read
about a software center), but your list contains a few scientific packages
that haven't been updated upstream in years, though they remain relevant,
as they provide pretty much the only way to accomplish certain tasks in
linux, or which are still better than the alternatives. Fedora never had
the most exhaustive collection of scientific packages, but hiding them
altogether from their intended audience, particularly people unaccustomed
to the console, would drive a number of potential users away. I think that
the upstream bug filing requirement for such inactive projects is just a
waste of time and should be forgone.

Just wondering out loud here, but how come gnome chemistry utils not have
an appdata already?
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