Docker and gcc-go

Jakub Cajka jcajka at
Thu Apr 2 14:50:15 UTC 2015

   as gcc5 is in Fedora22+ it is possible to build docker and its BRs using gcc-go with small changes to the spec files. Not only on x86_64, but also on ppc64le, even on s390x(sharkcz tried) and ppc64. It crashes/hangs sometimes(I'm looking in to it) but works on x86_64 and ppc64(le) most of the time :) (haven't done any extensive testing yet) and haven't tried s390x yet.
Github repo with modified spec files of docker and its BRs:


x86_64 COPR repo(f22/f23):

ppc64(le) repo(f22):

ppc64(le) base images(just to test it ;) ):
  docker pull jcajka/fedora22-ppc64[le] (I hope images are there as they are not showing up in webUI)

  (were generated using modified to install also dnf(yum), would be great to have base images available same way as on primary)

s390x coming soon :)

It is definitely not production ready and needs lots of testing/debugging. Looking forward for any feedback.

Jakub ńĆajka


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