Recommended way of proposing changes in someone else Fedora packages configuration

Pierre-Yves Chibon pingou at
Mon Oct 19 14:41:25 UTC 2015

On Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 10:18:15AM -0400, Jeff Peeler wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 18, 2015 at 4:00 PM, Kevin Fenzi <kevin at> wrote:
> > I'd think a like frontend would but at somewhat of a
> > different level than this. You would:
> >
> > * Go to the interface and create a fork of the package you want to
> >   change.
> > * Clone that fork and work on it locally with the normal fedpkg tools.
> > * When it's set, submit a PR to the package owners with all the changes
> >   in your fork you want to submit.
> Using pagure would be very much a superior work flow. But basically
> anything that supports handling and reviewing patches would be a big
> step forward above the current bugzilla based process. This thread
> reminds me of an email I sent earlier this year:
> There I was simply yearning for a tool to help with newly introduced
> packages. If Fedora can utilize a tool (such as pagure) to help with
> the entire lifetime of the package, all the more better!

I just wanted to let people know that:
- we have a cloud instance of pagure running on the top of a (outdated)
  dist-git at: feel free to see what's right/wrong with
  it and can/should be fixed
  Note: there is currently a problem in the way the data was loaded in the DB,
  so some users are not getting their packages attributed, I need to look into
  this and reload the DB
- I created a tag for tickets/issues related to this 'project' for pagure, so
  feel free to look at the remaining tickets if you would like to help:
  (Looking at the list now, I realize that not all the work/steps done were
  documented in a ticket ^^).

Hope this help,

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