Urgent F23 testing request: logout bugs

Oron Peled oron at actcom.co.il
Thu Oct 22 01:13:15 UTC 2015

On Wednesday 21 October 2015 13:53:35 Adam Williamson wrote:
> At this point the most valuable testing would be to see if anyone can
> reproduce disappearing-cursor on KDE, and confirming the fix for the
> black screen bug with the updated cogl.

Another input, totally different environment, but still:
     *  At work, we moved a user from an older Lenovo laptop to a new model (I can fetch the exact details if needed).
     *  Both latptops have the same software and fully up-to-date (Debian/jessie/64bits/KDE4)
     *  The new laptop /home is a copy from the old one.
     *  Ever since, on docking-station hotplug, the user get a mix of both problems: disappearing-cursor (always) and black screen (sometimes one screen, sometimes both, sometimes closing/opening of lid helps, sometimes not, sometimes unplugging fix it, sometimes not).
     *  So my suspicion is more about driver issues with new hardware.
     *  Please ignore if you think the Fedora case is very specific to the software versions in Fedora.

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