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On Sun, 2007-11-25 at 11:46 -0500, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> Well, the translators have their own signup routines, as codified in the
> Translation Quick Start Guide:
> Note that the instructions only ask them to sign up for the "cvsl10n"
> group (Sections 2.6 and 4).  I suppose we could put in a warning of some
> sort, but that seems like overkill -- after all, the Packagers group
> doesn't put up admonitions not to sign up for "cvsdocs," right?  All CVS
> access is granted by need with an extremely low barrier, but in this
> case the need is zero, since translators in the "cvsl10n" group
> automatically can deal with any documentation's "po/" folder in CVS.

As a follow-up to this ...

We aren't restrictive per-se on who can have 'cvsdocs' access; one just
needs to follow the instructions.  But there is value to us in having
'cvsdocs' be populated with "people who have this access for the
intention of writing or editing documentation."  Then we can look at the
number of people in the 'cvsdocs' group and use it to inform us as to
how many folks are "writing for Fedora."  Also, we use the 'cvsdocs'
group to define who can vote in Fedora Documentation Project elections;
this is a common practice in other groups to only allow voting from
those within the commit group.

To me, it's a relatively low barrier that ensures:

i. The person hurdling it actually intends to do so;
ii. The person hurdling it proves capable of making the hurdle

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