The Env and Stacks Wiki - can I reorganize it a little?

Deborah Rieden drieden at
Mon Feb 10 17:27:24 UTC 2014


I was looking at our wiki [1] and would like to reorganize it a little.
I think that Governance and PRD need to be on their own level, and not a sub level.

Also, once we have our mission or vision statement it would be helpful to have it on this page to give
people an idea of what we are all about.

If you are okay with this, I'll make the changes.  If not, let me know.



Debi Rieden
Engineering Program Manager
(Developer Toolset (DTS), Software Collections (RHSCL), LPC Pilot and some other projects), Fedora Environment and Stacks Working Group
Westford (2S719)
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