free seats in Env and Stacks WG - volunteers wanted

Marcela Maslanova mmaslano at
Tue Jul 1 09:31:35 UTC 2014

Env and Stacks Working Group has noble plan to make development in
Fedora easier and also work with new technologies, which are not in
Fedora yet.

The whole statement can be found here:
There is missing Atomic and/or Docker, because all members were mostly
interested in things mentioned in the document than looking at
containers. I believe we need someone who can pick what will be in Fedora base
image. Details can be found in Matt statement:

We don't have manpower to work on all projects, but we started to work
or co-operate on these:
1/ testing additional repositories – Playground repo
Playground plugin is similar to Copr plugin
2/ automation – Automated packages review tools
3/ automation – Taskotron
tool for Fedora tests
4/ Build Systems – Copr
5/ Software Collections in Fedora
6/ DevAssistant
7/ Continuous Integration - prototype of few projects 

If you are interested in current topics or containers, then please let
us know on env-and-stacks at what you want to do and what you did until now.
I received some private replies, but I'd like to give opportunity to wider audience.


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