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Wed Feb 24 20:15:09 UTC 2016

Hello Christoph and Giannis,
I'm sorry to hear that news from you, Christoph, no one has done the
best for FAmSCo as you did.
I really have respect for you and I agree with Giannis when he says no
one of us talks about you in a awful way.
You simply disappeared; no replies on this list and you never showed up
in our meetings.
Even when Giannis asked for your vote you said nothing, maybe we
deserve respect as well.
I know, you're busy (as we are) and job makes difficult also reply to a
mail. No worries about that, we can understand.
What we don't understand is why you are against this FAmSCo because your silence and this discussion mean that you don't like us.
No problem at all. I still think cwickert is the best we can have in
this group, so if you think I'm not at your level, please say it to
I'll be glad to step down from this FAmSCo, if this makes this
committee able to go ahead on doing things to be done.
II quote all the things Giannis said below, nothing more, nothing less.
Il giorno mer, 24/02/2016 alle 20.09 +0200, Giannis Konstantinidis ha
> Hey Cristoph,
> > On February 24, 2016 at 6:46 PM Christoph Wickert 
> > t at gmail.com> wrote:
> > 
> > I'm sorry, I cannot cast my vote because I consider the whole vote
> > flawed. We hardly had a quorum when the candidates were nominated.
> But you have never complained or said anything about the nomination
> process. Until now.
> > According to the meeting log, somebody wanted to nominate me, but
> > nobody ever bothered to reach out to me.
> Excuse me, but did you ever bother to participate in this committee?
> > And there was at least onestatement that I consider hostile.
> > 
> > Don't get me wrong: I'm not keen on becoming chair, but I want
> > people
> > to talk *to* me rather than *about* me (or behind my back).
> Care to elaborate? No-one talks behind your back.
> > 
> > Now potty withdrew his election. As there are no minutes on
> > meeting-minutes@, I don't know any details about this. Maybe he was
> > just trying to unblock the situation, but I think we should start
> > over
> > with a new meeting time where all members can attend and a new
> > vote.
> It was agreed that I am appointed as the current chair. Subsequently,
> I have appointed potty as vice-chair. 
> I think that this is all resolved now, after so many weeks. Unless of
> course the majority of FAmSCo says otherwise, but that wouldn't make
> any sense because we've just reached a decision.
> I'm not the kind of person that is really keen on holding the chair
> position, either. I'm surprised however Cristoph, because you have
> never really taken part in any FAmSCo discussion and now that we have
> reached a decision (after weeks) you've started complaining about the
> process.
> What do the rest members have to say about that?
> I would really love to see you again as an active member of the
> committee. One of my current tasks is to send you and tuanta an e-
> mail about your inactivity and try to re-activate you.
> Take care.
> -Giannis
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