[Bug 489833] Default Font Rendering is Poor

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--- Comment #2 from Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net>  2009-03-12 07:52:10 EDT ---
1. OO.o behaves differently since it uses a different text stack. This is being
fixed upstream, you can ask OO.o devs to accelerate the move to pango/cairo if
you like

2. GNOME font sizes are different: this is a result of GNOME allowing the
overloading of DPI value in gconf instead of using the Xorg DPI value as
everything else. Complain GNOME-side. DE people need to be hit with a huge
cluestick and leave DPI to X (and modify this value at the X level if needed
not in private overlays others apps do not see)

3. Cleartype. Not going to happen for legal reasons. Additionnaly it only
performs good on very specific hardware, and very specific fonts (MS fonts
which have bugs cleartype hides; we're not going to optimise our display for
fonts we do not ship to the detriment of fonts we do ship). For every comment
you'll find on the net praising those patches you'll find three stating they
suck and make things worse. (likewise for Ubuntu vs Fedora text rendering)

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