[fedora-india] Report on Poster Competition

Suchakra suchakra at gmail.com
Fri Jul 5 20:47:19 UTC 2013

To the organizers of this event : 

Drifting apart from the general discussion on whether India is such an
evil place (as mentioned in the writeup [1]) or not, I'd say that I do
not see any logic in associating this with Fedora as well as free
software moment. There are many social forums for that and talking to
NGOs, staging protests and creating a social awareness movement might
seriously help if you choose to feel so strongly about it.

> This is subjective. What is the rank of India in human development
> index in the world?
> It is lower than that of poor African countries. Only the rich keep
> developing themselves.

Again, HDI is not of importance here on the list for now. We surely lack
a lot of things and I too agree with that but dragging this in the FOSS
context is not fruitful in my opinion. 

What is OK then? How about free software awareness campaigns in schools,
computer education lectures in schools, forming groups and encouraging
young tech-savvy women to be part of WFS-India (a good initiative),
generating awareness in rural environment/rural management about use of
foss tools, OLPC kind of stuff etc is much more valuable and can be
easily related with this. 

"poster competition on women's, LGBT and gender-related issues in India
using free software tools as part of the extended Cultural Freedom Day
celebrations" is too long a shot to actually achieve anything valuable.

> >>in which majority of the people are illiterate
> >
> > Literacy rate in India was 74.04 % in 2011 that leaves 25.96 %
> > illiterate...now is this a majority ??
> The criteria used for this is always disputed.
> Literacy should mean a minimum level of education.
> But it never gets implemented that way and surveys are extremely
> politicized and unreliable.

If you say so and all results are disputed, how come the text at [1] says in black and white
that "India is a backward country in which majority of the people are
illiterate and most of those who are literate have no sex education."

It could have said that "we have quite some way to go in terms of
establishing better sex education and achieving high literacy targets in
India" This way we won't be wasting so many and electrons writing so
many mails on the lists 

To conclude and keep your spirits high,

"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that
you do it" ~MK Gandhi

Back to code! Au revoir :)



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