How to delete/map Activities?

Petrus de Calguarium kwhiskerz at
Tue Oct 27 20:18:20 UTC 2009

Anne Wilson wrote:

> Those that dynamically update, such as weather
> plasmoids, probably do.  Those that are fairly
> static, like the  picture frame, probably eat
> very little.

Sounds good. On my desktop computer, weather and rss 
update only every 30 minutes here, so should be 
minimal strain. Picture frame, when I use it, changes 
every 2 minutes or so, so that would suggest somewhat 
increased load, but also minimal.

Again, you have stilled my concerns, so I can likely 
even begin using plasmoids on my 3.5 year old laptop, 
where I always refrained, due to concerns about 
sapping processor power :-)

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