Talking points/spotlight features

Mel Chua mel at
Thu Aug 12 17:08:56 UTC 2010

> I agree with the idea of putting forward alternate spins under their
> branding to attract that attention.  They feel buried under Spins, in
> that people may not go there unless they already know what a spin is.

+1 to this.

btw, I plan on doing an "upstream marketing" (how to market stuff you 
work on!) session at FUDCon Tempe so that developers et al can start 
thinking about marketing strategy, making feature profiles, etc. for 
their own projects without waiting for "the marketing team" to do the 
work. It'll also be good motivation for me to work on better templates 
and SOPs for that sort of thing. :)

I envision our team here as a center of excellence/advice/help for folks 
who want to make things happen for their own projects, similar to how 
Infrastructure operates. So this may be something we can point people 
towards for F15, looking down the road, if we get some "why doesn't my 
thing have marketing-shiny in F14?" comments.


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