I had a cool Idea why don't we put on an artshow!

Justin O'Brien three at threethirty.us
Mon Feb 15 20:02:30 UTC 2010

Hello all:
I had an idea Brainstorming in #f-mktg. We were trying to come up with
ways to extend our reach. Getting Free Software/Linux people is awesome
but who else might be interested in Fedora? so I thought why don't we
put on a Fedora Project artshow?!?

Here is what I was invisioning...
 * we somehow procure a gallery
 * Fedorians bring in some art they had done
 * we invite people from the art world to see it
 * try to get written up in art mags (do they exist, if so which ones)
 * thought this would be an awesome way to show that art and
freesoftware are great partners
 * thought this would be a way that people could parade out that one
desgin they had for $fedoraVersionInThePast that just didnt make it
 * would be a way to see the creative side of people we didnt know had
one (how many coders/marketing people/legal etc are also painters,
sculpters, etc)
If anyone likes this idea let me know and maybe we can make this
happen :) 

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