[In the news] Gnote: Fedora 13 note tool

Rahul Sundaram metherid at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 06:36:23 UTC 2010



"I take notes. I take a LOT of notes. When I’m not at a PC I use pen and
paper. When I am at a PC I use whatever tool is the most accessible and
the most usable. For the longest time that tool was my text editor (most
likely Nano). The only problem with Nano is it take some serious work to
have any organization…and it’s accessibility wasn’t the best. To take
notes I had to open up a console, enter the command to start nano, type
my notes, and save/title/close my notes. But over the last few years
much better tools have evolved for taking notes. One such tool is the
Fedora default,


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