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 In the best interest of this list I'm not proving an asnwer to this email.
 Com estimada consideração,
 Nelson Manuel de Oliveira Marques

Citando André Braga <alsbraga at gmail.com>:

> Dear Mr. Marques
> My name is André Braga. I'm writing from Brasilia, Brazil. I'm a Linux
> user and enthusiast as you. I've started using Linux with a Brazilian
> Red Hat based distribution: Conectiva Linux
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conectiva. The first version of Conectiva
> was distributed back in 1997. Maybe you've heard about Marcelo Tosatti
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcelo_Tosatti. He started his career at
> Conectiva. Mandrakesoft bought the company in 2005 (for 1.79 million
> euros). I jumped to Fedora 2 at that time.
> The previous paragraph is about one single distribution. If you search
> a little, you'll notice that Brazil has an important role in the Linux
> community and in the use of the Portuguese language within Linux. So,
> it is not odd that we may find many pages in pt_BR, even when one
> could expect only pt.
> We also play an important role in the Portuguese language, which we
> thankfully inherited from the great explorer Portugal country. I'd
> like to state that we Brazilians love Portuguese as much as you
> people. We also love Portugal's culture, despite of some prejudice we
> may suffer. Nevertheless, an uncountable number of Portuguese came to
> my gentle land to make their life since 1500, the beginning, until
> now. More than 1,000,000 Portuguese were embraced in Brazil only in
> the 20th century (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_Brazilian).
> Portugal has now near 11,000,000 people but it spreaded its beautiful
> language through many countries. We are more than 190,000,000
> Portuguese speakers in Brazil!
> Above all this flame, it is important to know that there is not such a
> thing as a “correct Portuguese (European)”. I could mention many
> historical facts which support this statement, but the real point is
> that since 01-jan-2010 the Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement
> of 1990 came into force. From Wikipedia:  “The Portuguese Language
> Orthographic Agreement of 1990 (in Portuguese, Acordo Ortográfico da
> Língua Portuguesa de 1990) is an international treaty whose purpose is
> to create a unified orthography for the Portuguese language, to be
> used by all the countries that have Portuguese as their official
> language. It was signed by official representatives from seven of the
> eight Portuguese-language countries: Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde,
> Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal and São Tomé e Príncipe, in
> Lisbon, on December 16, 1990, at the end of a negotiation, begun in
> 1980, between the Lisbon Science Academy and the Brazilian Academy of
> Letters.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_Language_Orthographic_Agreement_of_1990
> Besides, the mentioned page is not in pt_BR. Also, it is not that bad,
> anyway! The word "cobrar" is badly employed, it is true. Maybe you can
> also complain about the use of "você", but you can check that it is
> listed in this PORTUGUESE on-line dictionary
> http://www.priberam.pt/dlpo/default.aspx?pal=voc%C3%AA. The rest is
> mostly a matter of writing style.
> Anyway. Is it really that important? As for me, you can go there and
> change everything. I'll still love Portuguese and Linux.
> Kind regards.
> André Luiz Sordi Braga
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Com estimada consideração,
Nelson Manuel de Oliveira Marques

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