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Filipe Rosset rosset.filipe at gmail.com
Wed May 5 03:56:30 UTC 2010

On 05/04/2010 09:44 PM, Nelson Marques wrote:
>   In the best interest of this list I'm not proving an asnwer to this email.
>   Com estimada consideração,
>   Nelson Manuel de Oliveira Marques

Hi Nelson,
Standard Portuguese (pt_PT)?!?! Bullshit!
His comments were unfortunate.
(see, pt_PT (standard!?!?) is inexpressive)
Read! http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/L%C3%ADngua_portuguesa
As Mario pointed... "Paul indicated a good plan to follow, I would go 
with it." +1
If you have problems, talk to me by personal email address.
Best regards,

Filipe Rosset
Fedora Project
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"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. 
Then you win." Mahatma Gandhi

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