Release announcement WAS [Milkymist-devel] Milkymist tools in FEL

Beth Lynn Eicher bethlynn at
Thu Oct 14 04:10:11 UTC 2010

Since you asked nice enough...

 PM, Paul W. Frields <stickster at> wrote:

>> will there be an official announcement \out these updates when F14
>> gets released? it is a noteworthy addition and it shows we have done
>> collaboration with a proejct in a totally different field;
> This could easily go in the release announcement:

Milkymist is mentioned in the developer section. Please add more facts
about what is so great about Milky Mist and its support for Fedora.

> Note that announcement is currently blank, and awaiting a volunteer to
> assemble it from a combination of information from earlier
> announcements, the release notes, and other important data.  A
> completed version for F13 is here:

I took a stab at the SOP and one template

Please edit to taste.


Beth Lynn Eicher

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