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> On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 11:01:57PM +0200, Zacharias Mitzelos wrote:
> > Hello everyone,
> > 
> > On the Monday's meeting[1] we discussed about creating a new
> > category and adding it in the main menu of the Fedora Magazine. In
> > this new category we can choose every week an article from Fedora
> > Planet, and publish it in the magazine as well. Roshi stepped
> > forward on this, and said he can choose articles from the planet
> > 
> > Thoughts/flames?
> Don't forget comments. ;-)
> Quick thought: Do we have permission to republish material that
> appears on the Planet to the magazine? Skimming the Planet Howto I
> don't see that we grant permission for forklifting materials from our
> blog to another publication. It may seem like a triviality/formality,
> but it's possible that we'd annoy a contributor if we post something
> on the magazine without asking first. 
> So, we plan to ask first, right?
> Best, 
> jzb

My thoughts initially (not sure if I actually *said* anything about it
though) were to find some posts we liked, vote which we wanted to
publish for the week then contact the person who wrote it and see if
they minded. This might help out with people wanting to be part of
marketing and the magazine. Was also thinking we could get a badge made
for it :)

In response to Zoltan, I think the package selection is a great idea. I
was actually pondering something similar. I've learned a great deal
from the Python Module of the Week [1] and thought it might be fun
(though time consuming) to do something with Fedora packages or tools -
like deltaisos. Those are awesome.

Test days I'm working to get more coverage of for sure. Good thoughts
all around I think.

// Roshi
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