9-1-13 Marketing meeting minutes

Ankur Sinha sanjay.ankur at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 07:32:25 UTC 2013

On Tue, 2013-09-03 at 01:27 -0400, Chris Roberts wrote:
> Hi Ankur,

> 1. Folks that miss IRC meetings can see what tasks are being done and
> where they can help out, and who to get in touch with 
>            I agree with this, I will start putting action items in the
> Trac. Me and JZB were talking in IRC and found some other good uses
> for Trac, including using it for the magazine when an account needs
> created. JZB and me have went through and closed a lot of the old
> outdated tickets already, so it is ready for new ones to be made :)

The milestones and categories etc also need to be updated in the trac.
They still refer to Fedora 14 :P

> 2. Since you're looking to improve recruitment, it'll be nice to have
> a
> single list of tasks that folks can get started with, as opposed to
> them
> mailing the list and trying to find out what they can do. The tickets
> can also be marked as "easyFix" so they show up in the fedora easyfix
> task list[1]. (We just need to ask infra to begin scraping from the
> marketing trac. I could do that.)
>            That would be awesome if you could get that setup,
> especially since I foresee the marketing trac getting used more in the
> future :) That will be your #action item :)


Pingou pointed out that infra doesn't need to do anything. The trac
admins need to follow the steps listed here to enable it:


> 3. Milestones can be added on the trac: we missed out on marketing
> collateral last release because I woke up too late to realize no one
> was
> working on them. Using milestones, each task can be tracked. For
> instance, we could sync the marketing collateral task with design and
> doc teams and work accordingly. 
> This is a good idea as well, another good reason to use Trac :) 

Like I said above. The milestones and components etc need to be updated
in the trac before we can start using it for these purposes :)

> 4. It might be possible to give folks badges for submitting articles
> if
> these submissions are done via the trac. I don't think this can be
> done
> if we have a mailing list for submissions. The badges seem like a
> great
> idea to encourage folks to contribute.
>        This was brought up in the last meeting, Suehle was going to
> file a ticket in the badges trac, to see about getting badges setup
> for the magazine. I think its a good idea and a good way to welcome
> contributors. 

I noticed that the marketing trac does not seem to have fedmsg
integration either. You can't really have badges without fedmsg
integration as far as I know. Another ticket filed:


Hopefully we'll have fedmsg working for us in a few days. We can then
file tickets for marketing badges too.
Warm regards,
Ankur (FranciscoD)


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