a fedora.next marketing question

Matthew Miller mattdm at fedoraproject.org
Wed Feb 12 20:14:18 UTC 2014

Okay, so, there is a rather big fork in the road ahead of us. I mean, not
that we can't take one path and then find out if its wrong, but, better not
to. That is: part of the Fedora.next process has been working on going from
the "default offering" to three distinct Fedora products -- Cloud, Server,

Three is a magic number, of course. It's a natural split, and it's kind of
easy to see how promotion and the web site would work with that. There is a
discussion now about possible procedures for creating more in the future:
see <https://fedorahosted.org/fesco/ticket/1197>.

There are basically two camps. Well, there's a third -- that we should have
no default anything and that we should just be a (well-made) source of
building supplies -- but I'm pretty strongly sold on at least offering
*kits* for our users. So, the two camps are basically:

 * "High bar, need to show a distinct problem space". The three initial
    products are basically all areas we want to cover, and they don't really
    overlap. This approach says that for a new primary product to be added,
    there should be a new, separate problem space to tackle -- there
    shouldn't be internal competition, and users should easily find the
    product that matches their needs without going through a "choose your
    own adventure!" process.

 * "Low bar, need to show viable resources to do the work". The idea here
    is that if someone wants to contribute to working on something in
    Fedora, and can demonstrate that they can pull it off, we should
    promote it. I think this camp recognizes that it makes the web site
    more complicated, but judges supporting our contributors to be more

So, marketing team people: what do you think? Which is the right general
approach? If we do the second thing, does it dilute our ability to deliver
the Fedora Message? How can we overcome that? Other questions? Other


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