RFC: Proposal for Rel-Eng project management/planning

Adam Miller maxamillion at fedoraproject.org
Fri Apr 24 14:36:46 UTC 2015

Hello all,
    Hot off the heals of my email to start a conversation about what
all it's going to take to get the Fedora Rel-Eng Staging environment
up and running again[0] I wanted to make a proposal for a new way to
manage projects that can be broken down into small consumable "units
of work" much in line with kanban[1].

    Projects would be planned in the open in irc meetings (logged with
meetbot) and documented in the wiki for general overview and
posterity, from there this is broken down into specific units of work
that can be tracked and picked up (hopefully) by any interested member
of the Rel-Eng team. I like to think this will make the process of
work transparent to the broader community as well as offer an
approachable avenue for new Rel-Eng team members to join in allowing
them to select low-hanging-fruit type units of work to use as learning
    Also, the details of this project planning workflow (whatever it
ends up being) would be documented in the Fedora wiki such that it
could be used as part of an "on-boarding" document for community
members interested in joining the Fedora Rel-Eng team.

My hope here is to introduce a new piece of infrastructure to fill
this requirement that provides a kanban-style board of cards much like
Trello[2] but using a FOSS solution that we can host ourselves. For
this I'd like to propose the use of Cantas[3]. (This part would likely
need a request sent to Fedora Infrastructure team unless we're fine
just hosting it somewhere like OpenShift Online).

Questions, comments and general snide remarks welcome! :)

Thank you,

[0] - https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/rel-eng/2015-April/019800.html
[1] - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanban_%28development%29
[2] - https://trello.com/
[3] - https://github.com/onepiecejs/nodejs-cantas

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