New Fedora 22 Change Proposal: Fedora Atomic

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Thu Jul 24 08:15:47 UTC 2014

Am 24.07.2014 05:18, schrieb Stephen John Smoogen:
> On 23 July 2014 18:29, Matthew Miller <mattdm at <mailto:mattdm at>> wrote:
>     On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 05:52:29PM -0400, Colin Walters wrote:
>     > Trying to get ahead of the Change process this time =)
>     > I'd like to move Atomic under the Server WG as I feel it's a more
>     > appropriate home for Fedora 22, with the increased scope to bare metal
>     > installation.  (Really it crosses both as Atomic should run in all the
>     > clouds that mainline does, but I see Cloud as a specialization of Server
>     > personally)
>     Hmmmm -- I'm not sure that's the way we should slice it. Not to lean too
>     hard on the pets-vs-cattle analogy, but long-term, I think that's the better
>     distinction -- which probably includes systems running on bare metal under
>     the "cloud" umbrella. OpenStack and possibly oVirt compute nodes tend to
>     fall in the "cattle" category too, and one can easily see a server farm
>     running many near-identical Atomic instances on bare metal.
>     We *could* go the other way -- cloud being virt guests and server being bare
>     metal. From the perspective of putting together the release, that does make
>     some sense, but I think it's mostly a useful distinction from _that_
>     direction, and not so useful from the user/usecase side.
> I am not looking at it from cattle, pets, or anything, but is server really focused on bare-metal as much as the
> services running on a box whether it is a vm, a server, a cartridge, or a cow? And is cloud more focused on images
> inside of a vm or on the whole ecosystem of a cloud services (eg there has to be hardware some level down in the
> turtles of clouds.. right?)

no - and virtual servers existed before the buzzword clould was invented

a server is a server is a server
no matter if it is phyiscal or virtualized

look at P2V conversion - after that it's the same server as before
but virtualized, so no - bare metal or virtualized is meaningless

we are VMware driven and a virtual server is identically handeled
than a bare metal box years before - really identical

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