Request for testing: xterm 191

Stuart Children stuart at
Mon Jun 28 14:12:08 UTC 2004

Mike A. Harris wrote:
> Particular things to look for:
> - Color changes

Another note of happiness with the new "light blue" colour. I find it a 
lot more usable as a light-on-dark type person. (I actually override all 
the colours, but this new one is a lot closer to what I normally use.)

One other issue though. In 179 (FC2) the 'colorBDMode' resource defaults 
to true, and in 191 it defaults to false. So previously you could set:
	xterm*colorBD: green
and that just worked. Now it has no effect (bold characters are used 
rather than the colour).

Anyone explicitly setting the value of colorBDMode will get the same 
behaviour in both xterm versions. I don't imagine that many people 
change this anyway, and those who do should fairly easily be able to 
work out what's going on. I should note that it is particularly helpful 
that the xterm 191 manpage now lists default values for almost all 
resources. I don't regard this issue as a bug, just a default 
configuration change (just as might happen to sshd_config or anything 
else), and so would advise sticking with the 191/upstream settings.

Note: the same change and effect have happened to colorULMode/colorUL. I 
have not tested whether colorRVMode and colorBLMode (for reverse and 
blinking text respectively) have been affected.

PS: It seems (testing briefly on another machine via VNC - so I could be 
wrong) that bold/underline were previously blue/green respectively. Now 
they will appear bold/underline in the foreground text colour. I think 
this is a positive change as the latter will be most readable for a 
greater number of users. Most people will probably only notice the 
change when using man.

> - Backspace/Delete key changes of behaviour on standard Intel PC 
>   keyboard hardware (ie: the Backspace key should perform the 
>   standard PC backspace function of deleting the character to 
>   the left of the cursor, the DEL key should perform the standard
>   PC DELETE function of deleting the character under the cursor)

Backspace is broken when using `less` (^H is printed) - eg: when 
entering a search string. Delete works fine. I seem to be able to fix 
this with the follow resource:

xterm*VT100.Translations: #override <Key>BackSpace: string(0x7F)\n

Filed in bugzilla, number 126855.

 > - Function key changes

I can't send Alt+[0-9] through to irssi. The following fixes that for me:
	xterm*metaSendsEscape: true

Filed in bugzilla, number 126857.



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