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On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 18:22, Mike Chambers <mike at> wrote:

> Pretty half baked if ask me.  There is no "include it at a later date,
> or next release" option, as that is just trying to get something out the
> door but not include anything else.  If applets are going away, no
> problem, then include the replacement, in this case, a widget or
> whatever, which I am assuming is like Windows is currently using.  At
> least *they* didn't leave that type stuff out when introduced a new OS.
> Oh wait, they *still* have the option of weatherbug, etc to still be
> included as applets.

Patches welcome. Alternatively, you could pay someone to write it who
already isn't spending every spare, waking moment working on getting GNOME 3
ready. Your email isn't particularly helpful though.

This isn't bout gnome-shell being bad, it's lot better than was when F14
> was being developed.  This is bout making a total major change to a
> major part of the OS, and not including all the options to replace those
> no longer being used.  If lot of this is gonna be included before F15
> goes gold, then good, will patiently wait for it.  If we have to wait
> for lot of this stuff, then what good is it to push it out the door when
> it's not ready?

It will be considered "ready" without widgets.
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