2011-07-18 @ 15:00 UTC - Fedora QA Meeting - recap

James Laska jlaska at redhat.com
Mon Jul 18 16:03:59 UTC 2011

As usual, you can find meeting minutes and IRC transcript on the wiki at

TOPIC: Previous meeting follow-up
     1. j_dulaney will check-in with desktop team for guidance on s-c-*
        -- thank you j_dulaney!!!  (jlaska, 15:04:33)
              * LINK:
              * ACTION: j_dulaney volunteered to file bugs against s-c-*
                packages to recommend patching their .desktop file to
                avoid application name collisions (NotShowIn=...)
     2. jlaska will announce F16 Alpha blocker review meeting on
              * ACTION: jlaska - announce F16-Alpha-Blocker meeting #2
     3. rbergeron will reach out to cloud-sig for a last call on test
        case ideas
              * LINK:
     4. athmane volunteered to update update release validation SOP to
        include new Security SPIN test matrix
              * LINK:

TOPIC: Cloud SIG - Fedora 15 on Amazon EC2
      * Fedora 15 on Amazon EC2 test day is scheduled this TUESDAY
      * Athmane has copied the draft page and categorized it:
      * TODO: Athmane is waiting for Fedora 15 AMI ID to update the wiki
      * Cloud SIG Meeting Minutes - 2011-07-15:
      * F15 AMI's not yet available, will propose rescheduling test day
        with Cloud Sig.  Stay tuned to cloud at lists.fedoraproject.org

TOPIC: Next meeting
      * Monday @ 15:00 UTC, July 25 2011
      * jlaska will #chair the meeting next week

TOPIC: Open discussion - Minimum Delta-ISO size
      * robatino asked .. ."if anyone had any ideas about why the
        minimum deltaiso size increased in F15"
      * LINK:
      * if you run makedeltaiso on 2 successive F14 netinsts, it would
        be about a factor of 2 or 3 smaller, but not in F15
      * robatino will discuss with jdieter to help further isolate the

TOPIC: Open discussion - oVirt Node Fedora 16 Spin 
      * LINK:
      * There is a link of "applications"/ tests on the SPIN wiki at
      * Athmane + jlaska will continue discussing options post-meeting

      * j_dulaney volunteered to file bugs against s-c-* packages to
        recommend patching their .desktop file to avoid application name
        collisions (NotShowIn=...)
      * jlaska - announce F16-Alpha-Blocker meeting #2
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