optimizing systemd, was: f15 no longer starts

Adam Williamson awilliam at redhat.com
Mon Mar 21 22:37:43 UTC 2011

On Mon, 2011-03-21 at 13:54 -0600, Petrus de Calguarium wrote:
> Adam Williamson wrote:
> >> A possible solution would be to have both updates and updates-testing
> >> repos for all fedoras, even the not yet released branched fedora.
> > 
> > Erm. We already do exactly this
> I must have missed that. I just checked, and sure enough, fedora-updates does 
> indeed exist for f15. When my system automatically metamorphosed from rawhide 
> into f15, updates-testing was automatically enabled, while fedora-updates 
> remained disabled. At that time (roughly at f15 alpha test candidate 1), I did 
> try to enable the updates repo manually, but yum balked, claiming that there 
> was no such repo. I had presumed that only updates-testing would be provided 
> for f15 until the final release of f15.
> Thanks for the heads up!

updates is inactive for Branched releases, but that's because there's no
need for it; as there's no frozen 'master' tree, packages simply go
straight from updates-testing in the main 'release' repo (which I tend
to refer to as dist-f15, although technically that's just a koji tag).
So for final releases there's three repos:


'release' is frozen and never changes; updates go to updates-testing
first and updates when they're stable.

For Branched releases there are only two active repos:


updates go into updates-testing first and then straight to 'release'
when they're approved. There's no need for a third place.
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