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Tue May 10 21:52:07 UTC 2011

On Tue, 2011-05-10 at 21:07 +0000, BeartoothHOS wrote:

> 	How is that paradigm meant to apply to those absent-minded souls 
> among us who disremember what an otherwise familiar item is called? There 
> are a bunch of things (in fact more as time passes, alas!, especially 
> anent renamed ones) that I find by groping toward a mental picture of 
> something "down over about there." My verbal memory is crammed with 
> languages living and dead, but my pictorial memory has a little room left.

One, Matthias said 'primary'; the tree view still exists, it's just
expected that most of the time you'll find it more efficient to search.

Two, you can search on description as well as name, so if you know what
the thing does, you can probably find it.

> > Bingo!  I was trying to recall history reading old mailing list posts,
> > but Adam nails it.  That matches my recollection of where that criteria
> > comes from.
> 	Am I missing an obvious remedy?? Since it was considered, surely 
> some remedy *was* found and accepted.

For the Other category? We have various approaches, discussed in the bug
report, but it's not certain we'll adopt any of them for release time.
One is to dump all the Settings category items in System Tools, another
is to retain the Administration and Preferences categories from F14, yet
another is to just have Preferences and have all Settings category
entries in there.
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