My Fedora 15 beta experiences so far

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Sat May 14 13:19:58 UTC 2011

2011/5/14 Angel <linux463291 at>

> On Sat, May 14, 2011 at 11:57 AM, Adam Williamson <awilliam at>wrote:
>> It's a *temporary workaround*. the GNOME 3 network configuration tools
>> are not feature complete yet, so we keep the old one around to cover
>> things that aren't finished.
> Really? Thats exciting. It is not long before, nm-applet is replaced by the
> old system-config-network. And now just when nm-applet is stable enough to
> use, they want a new network manager for gnome3? Ok, lets see, how much time
> it takes to hit the ground. Waiting for it.
> of course, we all remember when, several years ago, the tool that could've
customized gdm (gdmsetup?) dissapeared and was supposed to be rewritten
sometimes in the future, soon, anyway.
i'm not saying that the gnome team does not want to do the right thing, but
again, maybe the man power is overrated. if this is the case, maybe the
development should slow down to adapt to the available resources.
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