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Adam Williamson awilliam at redhat.com
Tue Jan 15 06:40:23 UTC 2013

On Tue, 2013-01-15 at 01:02 -0500, Bob Lightfoot wrote:
> Test Community:
>       I have to say I am reading this conversation with interest and
> concern.  Hopefully the following will prompt thoguhts and
> improvements from others.  If I repeat old ground please bare with me.
>      When I first started using the wiki matrix for this evolution of
> testing {f18} I found myself asking questions like, what was that test
> url again.  I actually had to go back to an old F16 matirx I had
> bookmarked and change the 16 to 18 to get in the ballpark.  This
> brings me to my first suggestion and there may be such a page and I
> haven't stumbled on it.  Can we have a master test page, where active
> test wiki page links are green and older compelted ones are grey.

Two things:

1. There's a whole nested set of categories...


those three links always redirect to whatever is the 'current' matrix.
Hence the name. I just type 'curr' in Firefox and those three all pop up
at the top of the list.

>      My other thought about the matrices stemmed from tim spent
> searching for that test again.  Can we index the matrix somehow and
> present the option of mixed browsing.  So when I am looking for alpha
> install tests or beta repository tests or beta kickstart tests I can
> find my way to them easily.

The tables can be sorted by any column. Just click on the column header.

>       And one final pet peeve.  I scroll down the page, find the test
> I am doing or will do and when I go to enter my data for edit I am
> back at the top and have to scroll down again.  If I could click on a
> test name to open it for editing this would be nice.

I'd like that too, but I'm not sure it can be done unless we made every
single test a separate page section, which wouldn't really fly :/ If
anyone can think of an ingenious way to hack up an 'edit here', link,

>       Thanks for all the "hard work" the QA/Dev folks did getting F18
> ready so we testers could tear it apart.  I look forward to an even
> more fun time with F19, conditions permitting.
> Sincerely,
> BobLfoot

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