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Sun Apr 18 12:45:36 UTC 2010

Good day!

----- "daniel cabrera" <logan at> пишет:

> So, Yulia, Inna, just to be certain, do you think your team in
> will allow other languages to join you and to use the structure you've
> created? If yes, can we use your repositorys, or perhaps you think
> that it's better host the files somewhere else? And the last thing:
> I've found another translations of man pages in [2] that are
> also related with you guys: Is there somewhere else where we have to
> look for?
> [1]
> [2]

Yes, certainly. You can add new team on [1] and you can also use our repo on [2] (if the name "man-pages-ru" doesn't embarrass you :).
You can also add page in your language with instructions to (ask me about it in private letter).

One can find some details about project [2] in file [3].

There are 3 coordinators (Russian):
kruvalig (Valerij Kruchko)- project [1] on (from  Russian Fedora L10N Team);
yuray  (Yuri Kozlov) - project on [2] (He is from Debian community);
and I (mama-sun, Inna Kabanova) - I'm responsible for communications with other projects in Russia, with Russian Fedora L10N Team and others. (But if you have some technical questions you had better ask yuray :).

And what about project [4]: it is project of Vladimir Stupin (morbo). He created it to translate into Russian man-pages he want. For the moment projects [1] and [4] are not coherent.

----- "Dimitris Glezos" <dimitris at> пишет:

> This effort be created as a global, common project, in order to
> leverage the common toolchain. One repository should be created which
> contains all source and language files. Something like "CMTP: Common
> Manpage Translation Project". We should create a Google Group with
> some instructions posted, etc.

Yes, I think so too. But today we are at the outset and there are a lot of unsettled problems ahead.

> Any downstream distribution which would like to re-use some of these
> translations, could just use this repo as their RPM/DEB source repo in
> their spec files. When we succeed in delivering a first set of
> translations, the package maintainers could be informed about the
> existence of this effort.
> Downstream contributors (e.g. translators of Fedora, Ubuntu, etc)
> interested in translating manpages could be encouraged to contribute
> to this project.

We try to contact with Russian teams from other distribs to invite them into the project.

> > [1]
> My questions mainly revolve around technical issues, like, how do we
> keep these PO files in sync with the source repositories? With my
> (poor) understanding, I can imagine a workflow as follows:
>  1. We create a repo on github/bitbucket/foo which contains the PO
> files.
>  2. The repo contains a text file with direct download links to the
> nroff files of upstream projects.
>  3. A sync script is run every few days which downloads these files
> and updates the PO files.
>  4. A script/Makefile rule is provided to the developer which he can
> run before he releases.
>  5. A new developer can request the addition of his project/URL by
> opening a ticket to our ticketing system.
> Do these make sense?

According to what Yuri's said me about your questions in our project we have only one upstream project ( and we didn't solve the problem of adding a new one. But it's interesting for us. So I ask you, Dimitris, to communicate with Yuri (yuray AT komyakino DOT ru) and kruvalig to take up this problems.

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[2] -
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[4] -

Inna Kabanova / Russian Fedora Team

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