Translating manpages

Yulia Poyarkova yulia.poyarkova at
Tue Mar 16 00:12:28 UTC 2010

This is definitely a redhot topic for Russian team as we have quite a 
few members interested in translating manpages.
It seems that up until now manpages have been translated by separate 
groups of enthusiasts across different projects
and there hasn't been one centralized resource.
I agree with Dimitris and would like to think that could 
make it possible to unite all interested parties.
> It seems that each project is pulling the translations from a
> different place. Which makes it probably safe to assume that people
> are doing duplicate work.
> It'd be great if we could start a discussion on how this could be
> improved. Grab all PO files for a bunch of languages, msgmerge them,
> push them to a common repo, and setup Transifex to send translations
> there. Then we can email the package maintainers to switch to this
> repo.
> Or am I day-dreaming again for a world where there is one global
> translation community?
> -d

Yulia Poyarkova 
Red Hat APAC

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