Publican 1.6.3 -- Important

Ruediger Landmann r.landmann at
Sat May 15 06:11:11 UTC 2010

Hi all --

Just a note that Publican 1.6.3 will be in the repos shortly. This is a 
major bugfix release with fixes for around 20 issues including quite a 
few that specifically impact localization:

580360 - Publican does not allow programlisting/screen in entry
581397 - Updating zero-length PO files causes Publican to create 
corrupted PO files
581773 - a manual page reference should not break a paragraph for 
translations / PO files
582255 - <indexterm> is not translatable when outside of <para>
582649 - Some translated strings are not used, problem with non-breaking 
582680 - <indexterm> should be standalone in a translation
583224 - <keyword> should be translatable

The net effect of these fixes is that Publican now presents some strings 
to translators that it did not present before (such as <keyword>, 
<indexterm>, and the contents of <screen> and <programlisting>), and 
divides some strings in PO files differently from how it did before (for 
example, not breaking English strings into three separate strings around 
<refentrytitle>). These changes should make life easier for translators 
in future, and allow them to produce more complete translations.

As we approach the final push towards Fedora 13, it's really important 
that Docs team members keep the POT (and therefore PO) files stable for 
translators -- we don't want to shift the goalposts.

Therefore, do NOT use Publican 1.6.3 to refresh POT files for documents 
already in translation. If you do so, it is very likely that you will 
break existing translations.

If you do need to update or change POT files for an existing document 
(which at this stage should require permission from the Localization 
Team anyway) make sure that you use Publican 1.6.2.

However, if you need to generate or refresh PO files for some reason 
(for example, to add a new language for a document), it's fine to use 
1.6.3: the changes in Publican only affect XML-to-POT, not POT-to-PO.


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