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On Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 1:22 PM, Misha Shnurapet
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> 24.06.2011, 17:48, "Kévin Raymond" <shaiton at>:
>> On Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 10:02 AM, Yuri Chornoivan <yurchor at>; wrote:
>>>  Hi!
>>>  There is a strange sentence in new "Fedora Localization Guide"
>>>    But definitely try the web-editor first, since it has many features not
>>>  available when translating offline.
>>>  Can somebody guide me to the page with the list of the features "not
>>>  available when translating offline"? If there is no such page, can this
>>>  misleading statement be removed?
>>>  Thanks in advance for your answers.
>>>  Best regards,
>>>  Yuri
>> Dimitris would be best to answer, but here are some points:
>> - Translating with Lotte is faster (no need to download the file, find
>> it, open it, save it, upload it).
>> - Lotte send you email while msgmerge fails "If you edited the file
>> via Lotte, you’ll be notified about errors in an email with the file
>> attached."[1]. I've never seen that in action. While uploading a file,
>> I think we only get the error.
>> - You can write suggestions that can be pondered.
>> - Translation memory is going to be shared between project for next
>> release (sorry I could not find the link...)
>> - probably more. (I don't know if we get them as fuzzy while
>> downloading in order to translate offline).
>> Of course, we have just to read users feedback in order to know what
>> Transifex could provide soon.
>> Here is my view as translator, but sincerely, I am not using Lotte.
>> French language really needs to be proofread and we are working
>> offline. hope to be able soon to upload file as suggestions in order
>> to discuss them online.
>> [1]
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> Lotte is the new Rosetta where it's easy for a hunderd people to do their thing each one's own way without consideration of previous work and render translations gibberish at end.

You could still download, translate and upload your file without
notifying others.
That's why I would like the following to be implemented:
Translate, submit and discuss before "pushing". (This is useful for
heavy files, not really if there are less than 20 strings).
But memory translation cross project would help avoiding what you
said. It's a tool, we need to define how we use it by team. There is
not only one way because in some project there are to much to
translate, in other we need to proofread many times depending on the

Kévin Raymond

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