Transifex vs. offline tools

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Fri Jun 24 16:22:41 UTC 2011

24.06.2011, 21:59, "tiansworld" <tiansworld at>:
>>  You could still download, translate and upload your file without
>>  notifying others.
>>  That's why I would like the following to be implemented:
>>  Translate, submit and discuss before "pushing". (This is useful for
>>  heavy files, not really if there are less than 20 strings).
>>  But memory translation cross project would help avoiding what you
>>  said. It's a tool, we need to define how we use it by team. There is
>>  not only one way because in some project there are to much to
>>  translate, in other we need to proofread many times depending on the
>>  language..
> Translate, submit then push would be quite useful. We can just focus
> on translating, without any worry on whether the file will be wrong
> replaced. We can decide which translation should be pushed to
> maintainer finally.

Translation changes could be monitored using docs-commits mailing list till Fedora 14. It was quite useful for me to receive diff-formatted digests along with the person's contact details. I could proofread the changed part and apply corrections myself or contact the translator right away. It was also a good means to prevent destructive changes, in case of.

Now it is different. I don't receive notifications when the modules are being altered in Transifex disregard subscriptions. I don't see the input and don't know to what extent the work is being done by each translator.

I'd like to ask for the previous functionality to be restored on the new platform if it's possible.

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