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Leslie S Satenstein lsatenstein at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 14 13:50:18 UTC 2013

Hi Hendrik

From your git reference example, I noted that you are fetching the date and time with "%c" as opposed to calling the strftime with two appropriate parameters. 

I would just do two function calls, one using "%F" and a second call to strftime with "%T"
or combine the two calls to strftime usingyour own separator between the two parts vis

strftime("%F@%T"). Search the return string for the "@" character to date and time parts.  Don't want to use the "@" symbol, then substitute your own character.


On 09/14/2013 06:41 AM, Kévin Raymond wrote:
>> We will add strings on the POT, but we need your help to proofread
>> the 'Release Date' column, as it is localized during the build. The
>> issue is that I get a string with date+time, and I want to strip
>> the time part. It should be all good for all languages but: as, bg,
>> hu, ja, ko, lv, nb, te (vi is stuck actually, the right encoding is
>> not defined on the builder, will fix it soon).
>> If you see an error (like a word which should be removed), tell
>> me. If you know Regex, you can see (and improve) mine at: 
>> https://git.fedorahosted.org/cgit/fedora-web.git/tree/fedoraproject.org/data/content/get-fedora.html?h=f20-alpha#n8
>Norwegian Bokmål (nb, which you mentioned above), the time is
>included. An example timestamp is "ti. 24. sep. 2013 kl. 00.00".
>Without the time it would be "ti. 24. sep. 2013".
>- --Henrik
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