Rhythmbox && ALSA

Christopher Ness nesscg at mcmaster.ca
Mon Apr 5 19:15:53 UTC 2004

Hi all,

All this talk about MP3's and OGG's brought up my nerve to figure out
what was wrong with Rhythmbox on my system.

Turns out I didn't have the gstreamer-plugins-mp3 installed so I apt-got
it and all is well now.

Some thoughts on Rhythmbox:
1.  Sound quality during heavy loads is terrible, lots of pops and

2.  If your MP3 file uses an uppercase extension it is not a recognized
file so rename all those files to *.mp3

3.  Where's ALSA?  I think I'm using the `osssink` plugin for
gstreamer!  I'm pretty sure I have all the gstreamer plugins in but
here's the output of gst-inspect.  I'm runing 2.6 kernel so alsa is my
sound system of choice.

[nesscg at woman nesscg]$ gst-inspect aslasink
INFO ( 4507: 0) Initializing GStreamer Core Library version 0.6.4
INFO ( 4507: 0) CPU features: (00000000) MMX SSE
INFO ( 4507: 0) registry: loaded global_registry in 0.236061 seconds
no such element or plugin 'aslasink'

4.  I love all the stats and info that it presents with each tune and
the data organization is awesome!  I expect some pretty sophisticated
randomize algorithms to come out of this data with new releases.

5.  Anybody tried to compile the new unstable release?  Anything
new/interesting other than iPod support?

Software Engineering IV,
McMaster University
PGP Public Key: http://nesser.org/pgp-key/

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