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Am Fr, den 23.04.2004 schrieb Adam T. Gautier um 18:40:

> I am trying to add a line /etc/fstab that is a Samba mount of a windows 
> share.
> /etc/fstab
> ...
> //  /mnt/movies             smbfs         
> noauto,user,user,username=guest,password=password 0 0
> ...
> (All on one line, can't help the line wrap in email)
> sudo mount /mnt/movies works fine but when I right click in the Gnome 
> desktop or try to do the mount as a regular user I get:
> smbmnt must be installed suid root for direct user mounts (500,500)
> smbmnt failed: 1

Why "user" two times? And it must be entred to the end of the 4 column,
or even use "users" instead (see man mount). There is not need for
setting smbmnt and smbumount suid.

Instead of using password data inside the worldreadable /etc/fstab file
I would recommend using "credentials=/home/$user/.samba" syntax in the
4th column to pass the authentification data. The credentials file in
the user home then contains the username and password data.

> How do I fix this so I can do smb mounts as a user?  Would't setuid be a 
> big security hole? I can mount a cdrom as a user no problem, does this 
> us setuid?

Yes, setting suid bit is not recommended. Where it is really needed to
set special permissions I would use sudo (setting permissions with

> Thanks


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