regarding the fetchmail bcc issue

Paul Howarth paul at
Mon Feb 7 12:56:26 UTC 2005

Ankush Grover wrote:
> We have one catchall mailbox with ISP .I have configure fetchmail +
> Postfix with virtual domains + Dovecot(Pop3).But the problem  i am
> facing is that whenever there is a mail for a user in bcc header or
> envelope that mail does not goes to the local user.Whereas the mails
> for To and Cc users goes to the local user.My fetchmail configuration
> is :
> set logfile "/var/log/fetchmail"
> set daemon 500
> poll with protocol pop3 aka localdomain:
>       no envelope
>        user "xxx at" is * here keep
>        password "xxxxxx"
> My localdomain and ISP domain are different that is why i have
> configure virtual domains.
> If i don't give the "no envelope" the mails does not goes to any user
> but to the postmaster.Whereas with this the mail for Bcc user goes to
> the user "To".
> I want the solution for this problem,please help me.

There is no general solution for this problem. In the absence of a To:, 
Cc: or other header indicating who the message was delivered to, 
fetchmail has to guess or be told which user the mail is for. The POP3 
protocol provides no way of indicating this information to fetchmail.

Some ISPs will add a "Delivered-To:" or equivalent header than can be 
used, but that's up to the ISP. Other ISPs will allow you to set up 
multiple separate mailboxes for different users. But shared POP3 
mailboxes are going to exhibit this problem and there's not a lot you 
can do about it.

See for a more 
detailed discussion on this.


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