Dual Booting FC3 Final and Win XP

Joseph Vlcek joseph_vlcek at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 8 04:30:06 UTC 2005

I'm net to Fedora/Linux so someone else may
be able to provide more info.

I just finished installing FC3/XP dual boot.

FC3 does not handle NTFS out of the box. I have
been told support is in the source but disabled
so editing the source and rebuilding could get
you FC3/NTFS support but that's more that I
wanted to pursue...

I have 3 disks in my box. One has the XP installation
and is NTFS. The second is where I installed FC3. The
third I just set up as a common disk as VFAT with the
Fedura installation disk management (called
disk druad I think)

Joe V.

--- Josh Davis <joshd522 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I have a dual booted FC2 and Win XP system right now.  I had to take the 
> steps mentioned  at http://lwn.net/Articles/86835/  to get around the hard 
> disk geometry bug in the FC2 install.  I just got a new drive and want to 
> dual boot between FC3 and XP.  I have two questions I would appreciate help 
> with:
> 1) Does the hard disk geometry bug still exist in the FC3 install?  If so, 
> does following the same steps on the above web page still get around the 
> problem?
> 2) Does FC3 recognize an NTFS partition, or do I need to make my windows 
> partition FAT32?  If I can use NTFS, are there extra steps, or does it just 
> work?
> Thanks,
> Josh
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