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birger birger at
Mon Jul 5 10:05:58 UTC 2010

On Mon, 2010-07-05 at 05:35 -0400, Chris Kloiber wrote:
> Should it be a problem? No. Have I tried a joystick since Red Hat 7.x... 
> No. Did it work then... Not for me.

I can assure you that a *lot* has happened with device support since
RedHat 7.x. Especially that all those deep-down changes that tended to
knock out a lot of older device drivers years ago until they got
rewritten for new frameworks have paid off. It seems to be a lot easier
these days to integrate support for new hardware without specialized
kernel drivers that have to be accepted.

Some time ago I tested 2 brand new web cameras. I wasn't too surprised
to find that a brand new MS HD webcam worked out of the box, but that a
very brand new Tandberg high-end HD Web Cam also worked without any
hassle was a surprise.

I walked by our photographers and borrowed the Eizo color calibrator
that came with their high-end photo screens, and it worked straight out
of the box on F13, letting me get the same colors on my external and
internal screens on this laptop.

Bluetooth keyboards, bluetooth headsets... stuff that requires a driver
installation hell on that other OS... Just plug and play on F13.

I would say buy the wheel and test. If it doesn't work file a RFE for
the driver and be prepared to help out with log files. Cheap no-brand
devices very often follow the blueprints from the hardware manufacturers
very closely, so the chances are very good that it will work. Perhaps
only with the addition of the wheel's USB identifiers to the driver.

Tuxkart is very unstable while configuring the controls for my wheel.
I have to set only a few controls at the time, saving and exiting. I
often have to retry several times, as setting the key to control one
action sometimes leads to some other setting going bonkers. Once that
fight is done the wheel works fine.

It would actually be nice if apps like tuxkart, tuxtype, tuxracer ++
had some command line option to go into a 'kids' mode where
configuration settings 'disappeared'. I guess your kids are like mine.
They just have to test any menu option...


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