[ABANDONING:] Re: fedora equivalent of recovery disk

g geleem at bellsouth.net
Sun Dec 18 13:09:36 UTC 2011

On 12/18/2011 07:24 AM, Paul Allen Newell wrote:

> typo on my part ... I meant to say that they won't get email 
> (Thunderbird) unless reason is given why


> You are doing a good job of making me paranoid (smile)

thank you. i take pride in what i do. LOL

> Brain is fried

i use scrambled.

"fried" applies to other causes. ;)

> Brain overload ... I need to deal with that tomorrow morning (its
> getting late in my time zone and I've always noticed that the later in
> the day it gets the more I am likely to misread.

sometimes a fresh start is best.

>>> There's one of those cryptic emoticons after the<ctrl+alt+fx>
>> ;) and ;-) are winks.
> Thanks ... that being said I have to admit that when I see anything with 
> "<..>" implying keystroke sequences I treat it as more than just winks.

normally, anything i enclose with "< >" is key strokes.

as for emoticons, see;


there are several sites showing emoticons, also, but i can not find the
2 that i bookmarked. i guess i forgot to tag them and site name does not
relate.  :-D ?/? :-(

> it will go to dvd ... I remember in my very first post on trying to get 
> a recovery medium I expressed a preference for burned data rather than 
> volatile. That hasn't changed in the process of this thread.

that you did and i do not blame you.

> Yes, but is what Clonezilla stores an rpm? I've already stated my 
> unhappiness that a recovery medium is not part of Fedora. Since 
> Clonezilla is 3rd party, I can't assume any Fedora assumptions about 
> everything being an rpm?

to hopefully clarify, what you install from fedora will normally be
from an rpm package. therefore using 'rpm' and 'yum' commands will
give you a listing of what is a '.rpm' package.

this would apply to 3rd party also, unless you compiled yourself.

> When I have do enough research on the material you presented to have a 
> specific question, I can assure you that the odds in Vegas are that I 
> will ask it (smile). I owe it to you to do homework on the email before 
> asking.

ok. but you owe me nothing.

later. "pulling plugs" to get ready for church.


peace out.



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