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Tim ignored_mailbox at
Wed Jun 15 17:32:18 UTC 2011

>> The last time I tried to do this with a DOS/FAT formatted drive, I
>> had to figure out how to assign a drive letter to the drive, before I
>> could use the DOS commands to apply a drive label (because those
>> commands could only make use of DOS drive letters, rather than Linux
>> device names).

Bryn M. Reeves:
> Huh?!?

This is going back a long way, but as I recall it was the "mlabel"
command that allowed you to add a volume name to a FAT drive.  But you
couldn't just do something like:   mlabel /dev/sdb2 crapos

First you had to use one command to associate /dev/sdb2 with a
psuedo-drive letter e: (for example's sake), then you'd use the mlabel
command with that psuedo drive letter, and your desired volume name.

Intuitive it wasn't, and a real pain the neck to have to do.
Particularly if you needed to customise several things.

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