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Kinkaid, Kyle kkinkaid at
Tue Mar 26 17:28:27 UTC 2013

Hi Fedora Wearers,

I'm having some boot problems on my Fedora 18 workstation, KDE Spin.

System background:
I have a Dell Precision workstation, with two HDs, and full disk
encryption.  The two HDs are combined into three logical volumes, swap,
root, and /home.

Issue background:
I walked away from my computer and decided to enable screensaver and lock
by using the "screen lock" hot corder (sorry, forgot the KDE term).  When I
came back the screen saver hadn't locked and I couldn't move the mouse
(system clock on the Task Manager hadn't moved either).  I tried to recover
using various key presses, including Ctrl-Alt-F-key to open a new
terminal.  Eventually I gave up and hard rebooted because nothing seemed to
work to unfreeze my system.

Current state:
After the hard reboot, Grub loads, the kernel starts and I type in my
encryption password like normal.  But it eventually dumps me into emergency
mode, asking for root password.  The file system is mounted RW and all my
files seem to be there as normal.  When I type 'runlevel' it says "runlevel
unknown' and an 'init 3' or 'init 5' command brings up the Fedora booting
splash screen but drops me back to the command prompt without allowing me
to login.

What I've tried:
I checked the documentation (e.g.
and most of that seems to refer to grub not working, or volumes not
mounting, none of which applies to me.  I checked /var/log/messages but
nothing seems to be obviously wrong in the logs.

Any advice on what could be wrong or what to try next?

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