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[freeipa PR#920][opened] fix ods-ksmutil for 2.0.x
by tduehr
4 months
[freeipa PR#927][opened] WebUI: Cockpit integration
by pvomacka
7 months, 1 week
[freeipa PR#837][opened] ca-add: fix permission issue
by frasertweedale
7 months, 2 weeks
[freeipa PR#846][opened] Travis: Add tox tests
by MartinBasti
10 months
[freeipa PR#903][opened] Warning the user when using a loopback IP as forwarder
by felipevolpone
10 months, 1 week
[freeipa PR#930][opened] install: allow specifying external CA template
by frasertweedale
11 months, 2 weeks
[freeipa PR#894][opened] Fixing ipa-replica-install --setup-kra if it's the first KRA in topology
by felipevolpone
11 months, 3 weeks
[freeipa PR#937][opened] Configuring log handlers during the input parameters validation phase
by felipevolpone
11 months, 3 weeks
[freeipa PR#933][opened] Checks if Directory Server is installed and running before installation
by felipevolpone
12 months
[freeipa PR#902][opened] Improving replica promotion tests
by felipevolpone
1 year
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